Frequently Asked Questions - RV Delamination

Camper siding bulge caused by delaminated plywood
delaminated plywood

RV Delamination Repair System and Sealants

RV window leak caused delamination
#24 RV Wall Delamination Repair Kit
What is delamination?
Why does delamination occur in an RV?
What is Composet SLV?
What are RV walls made of?
How many square feet does it cover?
Composet SLV® is a proprietary composite bonding system developed specifically for re-bonding RV walls. Far superior in this application to general purpose glues, boat epoxy, construction adhesive, fiberglass resin, and polyester,etc., Composet SLV® has special properties including thermal flexibility, styrofoam compatibility, low viscosity, moisture resistance, high adhesion, and extended work life.
Look at the wall from an angle and check for bulges or bubbles. Most sidewalls are not perfectly flat, so this can be tricky, however, the bubble can be worse when the wall is in direct sunlight due to the de-bonded material expanding at different rates. Next, tap lightly on the wall with a plastic screwdriver handle, solid areas and delaminated areas sound different.
Our products alone cannot fix delamination. Our kit is a tool developed for use in RV side wall delamination repair that has to potential to repair or improve delaminated walls, floors, and roofs.
In many cases a leak path opens allowing water to enter the wall. Typically this happens adjacent to windows, vents, lights, roof lines, etc. Age, quality of the original workmanship and materials, vibration, and exposure to the elements are factors related to water intrusion. We typically see a situation where water breaks down the glue that bonds the layers of the Luann plywood.
Will your products fix delaminated fiberglass siding on my RV?
Delamination happens when the bond between one or more layers fails. This can happen in isolated areas, or throughout the entire wall panel.
Coverage depends on the extent of the damage, the number of layers being treated, efficiency, and other variables.
Average coverage is 8-12 square feet coverage for the #12 RV Delamination Repair Kit, up to 30 square feet with the #24 RV Delamination Repair Kit.
 Typically, the outer layer is a thin fiberglass sheet, followed by Luann plywood, insulating foam board, and an inner layer of paneling or pressed cardboard. A framework of metal or wood is also part of the wall. The materials are bonded together to form a COMPOSITE STRUCTURE.
How can you spot wall delamination?
RV being repaired.