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The Master RV Delamination Repair Kit covers about 50 sq/ft. , and will do multiple repairs
The #12 RV Delamination Repair Kit covers about 10 sq/ft.
Fiberglass repair products and boat repair epoxy could be ideal for fiberglass boats, but we feel it is not the best choice for bonding the composite Filon, plywood, and Styrofoam that RV, motorhome, and camper trailer walls are made of.
In our opinion, many epoxy companies, even those that consider themselves the epoxy experts, offer only general purpose products and have little experience fixing RV’s Campers, or Motorhomes.
The #24 RV Delamination Repair Kit covers about 25 sq/ft. , and is good for 2-3 applications.

The Best Epoxy Glue for RV Delamination Repair

RV Delamination Repair Kits from Composet Products L.L.C. come in three sizes.
Fixing RV walls requires the best glue available. We believe the best and original solution comes from Composet Products LLC. Their RV Delamination Repair Kits feature the Composet SLV® resin system. Coupled with supurb Technical Support this is the best help you can get when repairing water damage on your RV.

Styrofoam Safe Glue for Re-bonding Delamination on RV Fiberglass Siding, Walls, Roofs, & Floors.

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