RV Delamination Repair System and Sealants
Special 12:1 Ratio with EZ pull trigger. Pumps hi-body urethane sealants with ease. Much better tool than typical painting or home improvement style guns. Smooth action!
High quality, lifetime tool that delivers excellent results.
Professional 12:1 Caulking Gun
Sikaflex - 221 Urethane Sealant
The #1 cause of delamination and water damage is missing, dried out, and cracked caulking. Our sealants easily outperform the traditional solvent-based products found on RV store shelves. Polyurethane is the choice for long lasting, professional results.
$12.35- White 
$13.90- Black 
Loctite 2 in 1 Seal and Bond
-Seal windows, doors, seams, hatches, trims, etc.
-Faster cure, easier to work with, 2nd choice to the Sikaflex-221
-Available in black and white
-1 hour skin over time
-usable cure time 1 day
-300 ml / 10 oz. cartridge
$9.10- White 
3M Yellow Refinishing Tape
Loctite PL Premium Construction Adhesive
3M 5200FC Adh / Sealant (fast cure)
$14.75- White 
Butyl Tape