3.6 quarts Composet SLV bonding system
8 60cc Injection Syringes
1 240cc injection bottle
8' Small Diameter Injection Tubing
8' Large Diameter Injection Tubing
1 12" large injection pipe
1 12" small injection pipe
4 Mixing Cups, calibrated for ratio
2 Mixing and Preperation trowel
10 Pair Chemical Resistant Nitrile Gloves
6 Composite Shims
6 Mixing Sticks
1 Instruction Sheet
1 Data Sheet
1 Project Anaylsis and Tech Support
plus shipping to continental US
Kit includes materials and tools used in RV delamination repair, including the specially formulated RV Epoxy Composet SLV™ bonding system that adheres to many disimilar materials without damaging foam insulation. Also included are detailed instructions, injection syringes, tubing and other tools.

Superior to general purpose boat epoxy, construction adhesive, and contact cement, Composet SLV has the strength, thermal flexibility, moisture resistance, viscocity, and work life required for fixing water damage and delamanation on fiberglass sided RV's, campers, and motorhomes .
Inventors of the Composet SLV™ and Composet CompoBond™
 RV Wall Delamination Repair Systems For RV Walls, Roofs, & Floors

Composet SLV™ RV Delam Repair Master Kit