1.2 quarts Composet SLV™ bonding system
30 5/16" x 12" dowels
1 8 oz dispensing bottle
2 60cc syringes
2 calibrated mixing cups
4 nitrile Gloves
4 mixing Sticks
1 large tweezer
1 squeegee
1 putty knife
1 Instruction Sheet
1 Data Sheet
1 Project Anaylsis and Tech Support
plus shipping to continental US
This kit includes materials and tools used to stiffen soft RV "sandwich" floors. The kit uses the Composet SLV™ repair resin and wood dowels to help repair soft RV floors and does not damage stryofoam insulation.

Included are detailed instructions, injection syringes, mix tools, dowels, drill bit and other tools.

COMPOSET SLV™ Floor Repair Kit

Inventors of the Composet SLV™ and Composet CompoBond™
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